Greenhouse gas emission is the major contributor to climate change and global warming. With the current and severe drought in Cape Town, the consequences of climate change are evident and thus the need to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions has never been more critical. Fountain Green Energy together with The City of Cape Town, is pleased to announce the launch of two of its latest projects specifically designed to do just this. Coastal Park and Bellville South, will soon be the latest CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) projects, leading Cape Town and South Africa into a sustainable future.

In line with world policies to reduce our carbon footprints, the Coastal Park and Bellville South plants are both landfill gas extraction and flaring projects. Landfill gas normally has a content of 50% methane, a greenhouse gas with a negative effect equal to 21 times that of CO2. However, through the process of flaring, the gas is extracted and destroyed in high temperature flares avoiding the release into the atmosphere. Specifically, Coastal Park and Bellville projects will avoid a total emission of 975.000 tonnes of CO2 during the lifetime of the plants.

The landfill gas extracted, can be also used for power generation or can be upgraded into biomethane. Coastal Park and Bellville South have the potential to produce 4 MWh of electricity or to fuel an average of 280 waste trucks.
Not limited to energy production, the plants also have socio-economic benefits with creation of both permanent and temporary employment during their operation.

FGE was directly involved in the Design, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of both Coastal Park and Bellville South landfill gas extraction and flaring projects. Dedicated to its mission of developing, building and managing projects in the renewable energy field and for the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions in a sustainable way, FGE looks forward to many more projects of this nature.