Who we are

Alberto Borello

Energy Design and Development Manager

Alberto is an environmental engineer with 13 years of experience in renewable energy in Italy and abroad. He has in depth experience of the renewable energy sector in Italy, Europe, South Africa and Non-Annex 1 countries (Brazil, China, North Africa, SADEC), excellent project management skills, very good knowledge of the South African Energy sector and regulatory framework, and specialises in biogas prediction models.

Alberto has developed, designed, built and commissioned a total of 42 landfill gas to energy projects in Italy, 6 similar CDM projects in China, Argentina and Brazil, 2 vegetable oil power generation plants and 3 waste to energy plants (anaerobic digestion plant for the production of biomethane) in Italy and South Africa.

Alberto moved to South Africa in 2015 to join with his Italian girlfriend and to enjoy the South African lifestyle. He has left his ski on the Alps and he has started to surf the ocean waves.