Who We Are

FGE, a division of Fountain Civil Engineering (Pty) Ltd, has established itself as a leading landfill gas contractor in Southern Africa, specialising in anaerobic digestion, biogas to electricity and biogas upgrading for the production of biomethane and carbon dioxide.

Born from the will of FCE to specialise in the field of renewable energies, FGE is a 100% South African company with local expertise and know how in the Renewable Energy industry, operating throughout Southern Africa.

FGE offers full turnkey solutions to Municipalities, private companies, investors and finance organisations, from initial concept design through to detailed design, E.I.A., construction and commissioning of the plant to operation and maintenance.

FGE may also assist in providing finance sourcing and CDM project registration.

Green Energy Development

Having graduated as a Civil Engineer from the University of Cape Town in 1998, Justin worked for …

Energy Design and Development

Alberto is an environmental engineer with 13 years of experience in renewable energy in Italy and abroad.

Energy Design Engineer

Bruce graduated from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal with honours in a BSc. Civil Engineering in 2015.


To be a leading renewable energy and environmental engineering company, through the production of energy using Southern Africa’s natural and renewable sources.


To develop, build and manage projects in the renewable energy field and for the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions, in a sustainable way.

As we work towards our Vision, three core Values will define the way we operate:


We are dedicated to pursue the highest standards of quality in all areas of our endeavours and strive to align ourselves with FCE’s client centric focus to consistently exceed the expectations of all our customers both external and internal.


Integrity, ethical behaviour, mutual respect and fair practice  are the cornerstones of our relationships with colleagues, customers and the community at large.


We operate as a team, persevering to constantly improve the way we do business through cooperation, group effort and effective communication whilst always accepting full accountability and responsibility for our processes, decisions and actions.

While FCE has already achieved more than 30 %  black ownership and Level 2 (125%) VAS contributor status, FGE in its infancy and as a division of FCE aspires and strives to improve and enhance these commendable achievements in all accepts of our business.

FGE, through its parent company qualifies as a CIDB Grade 9CE Contractor – the highest civil engineering grading possible. Thus, FGE is qualified to tender on contracts of any value in this main category.

FGE has further achieved a CIDB 8ME status.

ISO 9001
FGE has an in-house Quality Manager ensuring that every function within our organisation meets with the stringent standards as set out by Dekra, our parent company’s  ISO 9001 : 2008 accreditation and our own extreme high standards.


We have recently engaged a professional environmentalist and have a detailed environmental policy and plan to ensure that our sites have minimal impact on the environment and surrounding areas. A copy of this plan is available on request. FCE has also established and maintains an environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2015 and certified by DEKRA.