“Back to Basics”

FGE strives to keep up to date with the latest on waste management, and last month was no different with our attendance at the Landfill 2017 conference. Hosted by the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA) as well as the Kwazulu-Natal  Landfill and Waste Treatment Interest group (LaWTIG), the conference took place at Buffelsdraai Waste Management facility and was ‘dedicated to capacity building and technology transfer in the science and practice of waste treatment and disposal by landfill’.

The conference showcased 16 companies in the Landfill development and waste industry, with an exhibition showing products, services and  the expertise offered. In addition to the exhibition, Landfill 2017 provided a range of high calibre lectures where delegates to the conference presented their research, findings and projection of their various fields. The talks were engaging and informative and provided an opportunity to network with the experts in individual fields of Landfill and waste management.

The program included a walk around the Buffelsdraai Landfill site which doubles as a conservancy for bio diversity. Delegates were offered two options to do the hike around the compound or go by car in a hop on hop off fashion. The walk around displayed the best practices implemented at Buffelsdraai, the leachate treatment plant, the reforestation program in place and the Bio Gas Flaring system which was constructed by FGE.

Waste management is not only part of everyday life, but the correct treatment and disposal is of vital importance going forward. Due to this, FGE is proudly associated with conferences and exhibitions such as these and greatly appreciates the efforts from the all those involved in making it happen.